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Rocketship Education Works With Under Privileged Students

Rocketship Education is a successful nonprofit organization that builds charter schools throughout the United States. The idea was brought to life by John Danner and Preston Smith. They opened their first school in San, Jose California and had immediate success with the business model. San Jose School became the flagship institution and other schools later followed that were modeled after its effectiveness. The schools received praise from educational experts as it rivaled the other traditional schools in the area. Rocketship Education immediately began to develop institutions outside of San Jose as a result of its initial success.

The Rocketship Education charter schools made their way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Nashville Tennessee. Washington DC was added in 2016. The institutions received funding right away from celebrities, athletes and politicians. Andre Agassi got on board with the Rise Academy in DC. The CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings gave two million dollars to the Rocketship Education charter school program in the Bay Area. Barack Obama and his administration also donated two million dollars to the charter school program.

Rocketship education is a unique blend of online courses and in-classroom teaching. The program has worked well with other educational platforms in the country. Team America works with college graduates and puts them in educational jobs. The program focuses on families in need in order to bridge the gap with those individuals who are more fortunate. It is estimated that more than 80% of the students in the Rocketship education program are of low-income backgrounds.

Rocketship Education is a dedicated participant in the needs of all types of students. It successfully blends traditional instruction with target tutoring and adaptive technology. The program is intended to educate students and also empower their teachers. Parents are a focus, which helps the students interact better when they are away from school.