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Recently, it was announced that Lori Senecal, the global CEO of CP+B Agency would be exiting her role in this company come to the end of this year. Lori Senecal will be ending her two-year service for this company after what many clients and her business colleagues describe as a great year for the enterprise.

Lori Senecal started serving as the global CEO for CP + B Company in the year 2015. She previously was the president of MDC Partners Network. She served as the global chief executive officer of CP+B Company and the president of the MDC Partners Network.

In a recent interview with the Chairman and benefactor of the company, Chuck Porter, he describes Lori Senecal as a tough and vibrant leader full of ideas. He attributes the recent success of the business to her great leadership. CP+B bank had a great year after successfully securing their latest client; American Airlines.

According to GC Report, securing clients like American Airlines was huge for the agency and a big boost to the prolific career of Lori Senecal. Despite the departure of Lori Senecal from the company, CP+B agency is confident that the incoming leadership will be able to fill up the shoes. Hard as it might seem, the agency will be in great hands under the leadership of Danielle Aldrich. Aldrich has worked under Lori Senecal for the past two years.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a formidable woman who has risen to the pinnacle of her career. She studied at the McGill University and graduated with a degree in commerce. She worked in various companies where she served in different roles. Some of these companies include;

  1. TAG Ideation
  2. McCann World group
  3. Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + partners

Serving in these companies, she demonstrated remarkable work ethics and brilliance. These enabled her to quickly rise and become the CEO of one of the major global advertising agencies in the world.

Under her leadership, CP+B agency has massively expanded. Currently, the agency has a vast international clientele. This has significantly increased the company’s revenue. Her dedication to excellence is what motivates her to everyday keep seeking for greatness. Besides this, she boasts of earning the AWNY Game Change Awards. This award honors excellence in young innovators around the globe.

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