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George Street Photo And Video California Locations

George Street Photo and Video( is a national chain of wedding photography and videography studios with locations in over 40 cities across the United States. The company specializes in providing timeless photography and professionally edited videos with packages to fit every budget.

Two of George Street’s locations are in San Diego and Los Angeles. Both locations feature wedding consultants who have spent years in these cities and can give couples detailed knowledge about all of the local wedding venues that are available. Depending on what style of wedding the couple is looking for, which can help be determined by taking a Style Quiz on their websites, the consultant can direct the couple towards locations such as on the beach or a more formal place such as a church. Both San Diego and Los Angeles feature ample options for where to hold the wedding in both the great outdoors as well as indoors.

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  1. Jaylah Hunter Post author

    Giving your self and your future generations to come something to remember is always very necessary and there is no better way of keeping memories than Photos. Probably why uk essay writers has provided us with help on where and when to get our pictures and videos taken by professionals like the George Street Photo and Video. I think that their services would really appeal to their clients knowing that they have such a very high reputation.


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