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Matt Badiali: Iran Sactions Will Be A Catalyst For Higher Oil Prices

The sanctions that the United States placed on Iran officially began at the start of this month. The Trump administration believed the original Iran nuclear deal was not in the best interest for America. Until a new deal can be reached, sanctions will remain on Iran. President Trump believes the sanctions will be enough to cause Iran’s influence in the Middle East to deteriorate and will force the Iranian government to work a new nuclear deal. The sanctions that have been placed on Iran are meant to punish any corporation that does business with Iran and to hurt the oil exporters, due to the fact Iran is a large oil producer. There are many who feel that sanctions will ultimately lead to higher oil prices around the world. The Trump administration feels that this round of sanctions will be enough for America to achieve its objective with Iran without driving up the price of oil. Geologist and financial advisor Matt Badiali is predicting that the sanctions placed on Iran are eventually going to result in higher oil prices, meaning the American consumer is going to be hit financially.

Many were surprised because after the sanctions went into effect, the market did not react to the sanctions and remained stable. According to Matt Badiali, the oil market did not make its move yet because there are eight countries that the United States has allowed to continue making oil purchases from Iran for another six months. After the six months, the United States says these countries must comply with the sanctions placed on Iran and will no longer be able to purchase Iranian oil. Matt Badiali is predicting that after six months, Iran’s oil exports will drop by 900,000 barrels of oil a day. Venezuela is going through economic chaos and is producing 600,000 barrels of oil a day less than it did just a year ago. Mr. Badiali is anticipating that Venezuela’s oil production will continue its downward trend. He also believes that the rest of the world is going to have a hard time making up this deficit. Oil demand has been rising and Matt Badiali feels that higher oil prices will be in the cards sometime next year.

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Ryan Seacrest’s Debut at the American Idol on ABC

The return of the most iconic show on the planet, American Idol, comes with a lot of surprises this spring for fanatics. With its first season debut on ABC, the show will feature host, Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest is a prolific and award-winning entrepreneur. Seacrest also has holds an impressive portfolio with experience as a host and producer. He is a well-known figure in the local radio shows and also in broadcast and cable television.

Mr. Seacrest’s entrepreneurial exploits has seen him engage in a host of media and entertainment firms. Born with a heart of giving, he has been linked with youth-oriented initiatives. These exploits have managed to create incredible impact across the country.

As a multi-talented radio host, he hosts the On Air with Ryan Seacrest. It is an impressive morning drive-time show under the iHeartMedia 102.7 KIIS-FM. The show is ranked nationally among the Top 40 radio shows. Through the show, he acts as the executive producer on the Disney and ABC channel.

He is also the brainchild behind the most followed morning talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan. It is here that he plays both co-host and the overall producer. Another feather in his cap is his role as executive producer for the ABC’s annual New Year’s Eve program. The program is dubbed the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. He is also featured in the award winning show franchise E! Live from the Red Carpet.

The Ryan Seacrest Distinction is his entrepreneurial venture in the lifestyle sector. The lifestyle enterprise is purchased at the Macy’s. He also holds a men’s skincare line with Dr. Lancer’s Polished. This features the world’s prolific dermatologist Dr. Lancer. Another title under his belt is the long term endorsement ties with the Coca-Cola and Ford brand.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is another touch on his philanthropic exercises. The foundation has seen the rise of ten broadcast media centers dubbed the Seacrest Studios. This includes pediatric hospitals spread across the country.

He is among the board members at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He is also an honorary chair based on the Grammy Foundation.

Fortress Investment Group Looks to Open-End Asset Funds for Expansion

Fortress Investment Group first hung its shingle in 1998 as a private equity firm. Founded by Randall Nardone, Wesley Edens, and Rob Kauffman the firm quickly gained success. By 2007 it had become the first sizable private equity firm to become publicly traded in the U.S. By 2016 it was managing over $70 millon-dollars in private equity, alternative assets, liquid hedge funds, and credit funds. Mostly, Fortress Investment Group is known for its assets. The New York-based company is behind commuter railways, real-estate acquisitions, and innovating tech. Its hedge funds are also quite interesting, but only to those who understand the business world. In 2017 Fortress was bought by Japanese conglomerate Softbank Group. Now, in the wake of closing down its direct-lending fund in October of this year, Fortress is branching out with some new funds for investors. Read more at about fortress investment.

At present Fortress Investment Group is expanding into intellectual property. It is buying asset debts like aircraft leases or real estate debts. This provides a unique opportunity for savvy investors as so far is doing well. The two funds carrying Fortress at present are its patent fund, which has raised $400 million so far, and its open-end asset fund that is currently topped out at $500 million. The funds are taking advantage of the healthy private credit market. Fortress Investment Group, along with many other companies, is starting to wean itself away from insurance, pension plans, and sovereign wealth funds.

Open-end asset funds are a type of mutual fund. They are popular because they offer freedom from restriction on the number of shares it issues. The shares can be for bonds or stocks and are directly controlled by the management. If the management feels the fund is getting too big, they can cap it off. Investors within the fund may lose the ability to make additional investments, and no new investors will be accepted. Mutual funds are great as they are structured in a way that gives investors an easier way to invest. The buying and selling of these shares happen on demand and uses net asset value. The value is derived from the underlying securities of the fund. When trading closes each day, the NAV is calculated. If many the shares have been redeemed, a number of the fund’s investments can be sold in order to pay investors.



Sunday Riley Takes A Different Approach In Skin Care Industry

The Look is Different

Many of the products that interact chemically with your skin, and actually produce a result, come in very serious packaging. This is not the case for Sunday Riley skin care. They come in colorful, fun, and warm packaging. The hint of using them in an incorrect fashion, and turning your skin red as a response, is no where in this packaging. Perhaps at over $100 a bottle, one is not inclined to misuse the product. This change in bottle image is not the only area where Sunday Riley differs, however. Their products have a very important differentiation tactic; they work.

They use Ingredients Proven to Work and these are Expensive…

In the past, most skin care products used ingredients that smelled nice and had temporary effects. The consumer was really just paying for the brand when they invested in these products. Sunday Riley is a real researcher that runs her own R&D department. Before you go thinking she’s not humble, marketers had to convince her to name these products after herself. She uses ingredients that work. She packages them in such a way that they are not intimidating or frightening to end users.

They’ve been Big for a Long Time Now

2011 saw Sunday Riley (@sundayriley) branching off from skincare into actual cosmetic lines. The company grew like never before with such a wide selection of products to offer their customers. To this day, they are still known as one of the most trusted brands because of their use of active ingredients that produce results. When combining this idea with cosmetics and makeup, their sales went through the roof. Sunday considers herself the R&D department as discussed above. She has unlimited time and personal funding to dedicate to product development. Last but not least, she takes it seriously because her name is one it! Sunday Riley is on Facebook, follow her today.

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ClassDojo Goes Beyond School

It took ClassDojo seven years to announce the company’s first paid offering. The San Francisco based company is a venture-backed technology startup with a focus on education. Having emerged at this decade’s start, ClassDojo has been growing without any revenue. Still, the company has created quite a footprint. The company’s extraordinary numbers show that at least one teacher in 95% of US middle and elementary schools is using the tool.

Even more, one in six U.S families (with an under 14 child) utilizes the app. ClassDojo launched in August 2011, and since then the company is steadfast on its commitment to never charge schools or teachers. Now, the company has a concrete plan to sustain that model. It will be charging a monthly subscription in their new version tailored for parents and their children.

The new “ClassDojo Beyond School” app has features aiming to strengthen connections between children and their parents. The features include meditation/ mindfulness exercises, reflection activities, and a feedback tool. The feedback tool employs digital points as rewards for positive behaviors/ habits at home.

The Home

Sam Chaudhary, ClassDojo’s CEO/ Founder, sees the home as a place with pockets of opportunity for informal learning. The company wants to assist parents to convert these opportunities into learning experiences. The new app has features like the original ClassDojo. An example is the behavior incentivization system tool.

It is the tool that teachers use to subtract or give points to students based on their behaviors. This functionality is available to parents on the Beyond School app. Users can set the preferred criteria for awarding points. Some people have lamented that this feature can be as a behaviorist conditioning tool. Even so, Mercedes Ford, one of the Beyond School early testers, sees it differently.

The mother of one says the feature is useful in delivering immediate feedback and encouraging positive actions. According to Ford, the tool is practical because it brings to life teachers’ and parents’ expectations in a fun way. After trying the app with a daughter, Ford noticed that the child was no longer disruptive and disrespectful. Instead, her second-grade child acts responsibly to gain points.

How Got Started, According To Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in China, The company is currently worth approximately $57 billion, with Richard Liu having a net worth of $11 billion, according to Forbes. He attended Renmin University of China, earning a degree in sociology, and later earned an EMBA from the China Europe International Business School.

Richard Liu attended this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, and talked about his early beginnings in the industry and how came to be. He ventured into the retail business in 1998, selling computer accessories out of a 4-square meter store. His business became more and more successful and by 2003 his company expanded to a total of 12 physical stores. Richard Qiangdong Liu – Bloomberg Billionaires profile. However, due to the SARS outbreak in China, with customers and staff being forced to remain at home, he had to close his stores and out of necessity he started retailing online.

By the end of 2004, all his stores were closed, and Richard Liu focused on eCommerce instead, realizing that eCommerce was the trend for the future, and that the logistics were much more budget-friendly. He felt that back when he started in the retail industry in 1998, the online medium was very chaotic. Once he decided to venture online, he took the decision to not sell any counterfeit products, and to provide a good customer experience. Due to the fact that initially they had a limited amount of money, was selling IT products, and every year they started adding new categories.

Nowadays, the company has approximately 167,000 employees, with 30,000 being added in 2017 alone. They have 500 logistics centers and can deliver around the world. According to Richard Liu, deliver to Beijing can take as little as 3h. 97% of deliveries in China take 10h, while 57% of deliveries take within 6h. Their most popular products are foods, consumer goods, and fashion related items. When talking about future plans of expansion, Liu noted that expansion will take several steps, bringing the best products to China and then expanding to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and ultimately America.

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The Expansion Efforts Of The OSI Group

The consumption of processed food is now going up in many locations around the world. People are now embracing the need for these foods due to the ease of preparations.

In the past few decades, there have been efforts from the leading producer of processed food, the OSI Group, to make the food industry even better through the production of foods that meet the highest standards, this company is concentrating on delivering the right products to the people because they understand the importance of quality foods. To achieve their objective, they are building the company further and ensuring that there are sufficient products in the market to support the growth of the company.

Expansion in the local market

OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois. It is the biggest shareholder of the food business in North America. This company is trying to make sure that their customers in North America are getting sufficient foods. To meet the high demand for food products that are coming from this region, they have made sure that everything is running smoothly, they have purchased a plant that was formerly owned by Tysons Food. The plant has given them ample space to carry out their production work.

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Expansion abroad

To meet the high demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal, OSI Group has expanded its facility in Toledo. The plant will now be producing double the amount of chicken products. The annual production will rise from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons. The plant in Toledo has been expanded following an increase in the demand for chicken products in the region. The demand has increased to eight percent annually from the previous six percent. The trend shows that more people are consuming chicken products and hence the need to prepare in advance for that role.

OSI Group is keen on maintaining international growth since they believe their products are superior and that every customer should get a chance to taste them. Crucial other expansion decisions have been made in Europe, such as the acquisition of Baho Food and Flagship Europe. All these initiatives are aimed at taking the company to the world.

A Closer Look at Sussex Healthcare Services

The History of Sussex Healthcare

This company was founded in 19855. Sussex Healthcare specializes in helping residents suffering from a wide range of conditions such as dementia, multiple sclerosis, brain lesions, and residents with symptoms that relate to various forms of brain injuries, and several types of neurological conditions. Sussex was officially certified in 2002 by the international Organizations for Standardization. This company grew and attained much success with time, and in 2005, it was approved by the Health Quality Service. Health Quality Service is an organization that evaluates and examines medical centers, nursing homes and the different facilities that offer specialized care. This company currently operates 20 houses. They always provide effective treatments that are associated with aromatherapy, physiotherapy, sensory integration, and hydrotherapy. Read more on

Advantages of Reflexology

Sussex Healthcare affirmed that their specialists might opt to recommend some types of treatments that relate to reflexology. Reflexology sessions are hugely advantageous in that they can considerably decrease soreness, reduce stress, improve the energy of an individual as well as eliminate stiffness. Many reports indicate that reflexology sessions can tremendously enhance endorphins levels on the nervous system. This treatment may also help in reducing the production level of cortisol, a hormone that is associated with stress.

Developing Custom Goals and Objectives

Sussex Healthcare has highly trained specialist that can design a long-term plan for every resident that visits the new gym regularly. These specialists may examine the specific goals and objectives associated with fitness. They may also create various descriptions of the different exercises suitable for every resident. They can also examine the number of repetitions that a resident can comfortably handle and study the techniques that could help to reduce soreness. The skilled and executive specialists can provide their residents with nutritional information as well as recommend suitable foods containing high levels of specific vitamins.

How to Contact Sussex Healthcare

To get acquainted with the services that this company offers, you need to check from credible sources such as residents who have dementia, the description of their new gym and other online reviews. You should always complete the contact form offered by the company when you are ready for a consultation.


Recruitment Made Easy By Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is one of the few people who has curved a niche for themselves in the business of providing medical personnel. As a qualified chiropractor, the world of medicine is not a foreign one for him. His company called Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) staffing specializes in finding medical personnel and matching them up to health centers that require their expertise. His business has grown over time and caught the attention of many people in medicine and other fields. He is now recognized as one of the most influential people on social media thanks to the high followers that he has on Facebook and Twitter. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

With a strong belief in the power of social media and its ability to draw millions of people to one place, Brian Torchin uses his company as a link between job seekers and employers. His Facebook and Twitter pages have links to recruitment events that are coming up. He also puts up requests from different healthcare organizations and states the kind of personnel that the organization is looking for. Away from the medical world, his company also provides staffing services for law firms. Over time, Brian Torchin has captured the attention of various media houses that have been impressed by the work done by HCRC. The most in-depth interview was done by CNN on a segment dubbed iReport. It clearly explains what Torchin does and why he chose this career path.

The most significant advantage of subscribing to the HCRC website is that you will get blog posts that focus on useful aspects of health care. While some may give recruitment advice to the employers, others may look at the ways of improving the workplace for a good healthy environment. You also get to read the experience of others who have interacted with HCRC.

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Infinity Group Australia and Its Founders Take a Slot In 2018’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies

Infinity Group Australia’s team of employees and founders got a reason to simper after the company emerged one of the best on Australian Financial Review’s list of the Most Innovative Companies.

In a contest held on August 2018, the Infinity Group Australia took the 58th spot, out of the 1000 nominees who were battling for the top 100 positions. The award came five years after Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker launched Infinity Group Australia as a platform to help indebted Australians.


According to Inventium Consultancy, an independent firm that gauged the nominees, Infinity Group Australia garnered the 58th spot due to the unique and vivid problem it was looking to solve. Holm and Walker launched the money management company to help Australians reduce their debt burden, as well as manage their finances astutely.

In addition to the innovative mission, Infinity Group Australia took the top place since it employed a matchless approach in helping its clients. Graeme Holmes and Rebecca Walker employed a team of bankers who helped the indebted citizens make sound financial decisions.

Also, the financial experts helped their indebted clients in creating sufficient wealth, paying their debts on time, as well as securing more financial repositories for future use. The experts issued monthly reports to help their clients monitor their financial health.


None of the debt reducing competitors employed such a unique money management approach.

Infinity Group Australia’s realization reports publicized that most of their indebted clients had managed to reduce their home mortgages within the first three months. On average, the clients reduced $41,000 of their debt load after one year.

Speaking after receiving the honor, Graeme Holm attributed his company’s astonishing customer satisfaction score to his team of employees who did things differently from competitors.

He further asserted that he was delighted that their money management platform had helped several Aussies to regain their lost financial strength. This is the primary goal of his company.


The Australian Financial Review (AFR) revises their list of most innovative companies annually. Companies that take the top 100 spots must have a unique objective, as well as innovative strategies.

Many of Australia residents undergo high bills at the end of every month. The bills are too high such that some opt to borrow from lenders to keep their life going. Infinity Group Australia is a financial lending firm that has been in the frontline towards helping them meet their bills. Learn more: